Every time you write something you are registering a pen picture of your personality on permanent basis. The science of reading those pictures ie Handwriting Analysis or ‘Graphology’ in virtual term reveals the nature of your past growth, present and your hidden talents.

When you write, you think. Your handwriting records an accurate picture of the ‘Real Self’ because it is the end result of your brain in action. Pressure, Style, Letter Shapes, Slant, Spacing between the words, Size, Margin and Signature highlights your personality in depth. Now, you will agree that all these aspects are never common between two person. Graphology helps in analyzing communication skills, Attitude, Aptitude, Confidence Level, Honesty, Clarity in thought process, Stability of Mind, Planning and organizing skills etc. A one page of hand writing sample results into ten pages report on your personality attributes. Moreover, the process of reading your character on basis of your hand writing consumes hardly 30 minutes for an expert on the subject. Therefore, nowadays all big corporate and MNCs seek advice from graphologist before final selection of candidate. The importance of graphology is increasing rapidly.

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