GarbhSanskar is an amazing way of teaching or educating an unborn baby in the womb during pregnancy. It is educating the mind of the fetus.

GarbhSanskar is all about being in a good state emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually for the sake of your growing baby. It is an opportunity to import spiritual thoughts in the baby right from the time of conception. It has been scientifically proved that 80% development of the child takes place inside the Mother’s womb. So it is a very precious time and that’s why Mother’s Womb is called the first classroom of the baby, great place to learn and grow.

History has been witnessing GarbhSanskar in all era. Abhimanyu learnt ‘Chakravyuh’ when he was in Subhadra’s womb. The overall development, growth and learning of the baby start right from the womb. In-fact the major part of the personality and character building of the baby happens at very early stage including womb.

Our mission

Make BHARAT a superpower by constructing positive, powerful and happy generation through garbhsansakar.Our mission is to built brighter today and constrictive tomorrow of BHARAT with happiness, prosperity and peace in abundance for every one.

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