DMIT (Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence test)

Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence test is a truly scientific study of the fingerprint patterns. This will help in understanding a great individual’s potential & personality Type. Benefits  (For Students) Helps to choose theRead More...
By : brighten | Dec 21, 2017


If you want to achieve greatness, you need to stop asking for permission. This is why motivation is important in life because it stops asking questions and aligns you to work towardsRead More...
By : brighten | Dec 20, 2017


Hypnotherapy is type of complementary and alternative medicine in which the imagination is used in an attempt to help with a variety problems, such as breaking bad habits or coping with stress. Hypnotherapy is a combination of hypnosis and therapeuticRead More...
By : brighten | Dec 19, 2017


Counseling psychology is a psychological specialty that encompasses research and applied work in several broad domains: counseling process and outcome; supervision and training; career development and counseling; and prevention and health. SomeRead More...
By : brighten | Dec 18, 2017

Reiki & Crystal Healing

During a Reiki treatment not only the organs and the energy flow within the body are affect but also the different bodies of the aura are affected. When using distance healing or the mental/emotional symbol the aura seems to be more affectedRead More...
By : brighten | Dec 17, 2017

Cursive Hand Writing Improvement

Every time you write something you are registering a pen picture of your personality on permanent basis. The science of reading those pictures ie Handwriting Analysis or ‘Graphology’ in virtual term revealsRead More...
By : brighten | Dec 16, 2017


The ancient science of Numerology helps you understand your personality and relationships, reveals future opportunities and obstacles and uncovers your unique, inborn talents. Based on your birth date and birth name, NumerologyRead More...
By : brighten | Dec 15, 2017

Tarrot Card & Angle Card Reading

The tarot is a pack of playing cards, used from the mid-15th century in various parts of Europe to play games such as Italian tarocchini and French tarot. In the late 18th century, it began to be used for divination in the formRead More...
By : brighten | Dec 14, 2017

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